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Counter Setup

Q. How do I connect my TallyFi counter to WiFi?

A. You can find a complete setup guide, including a setup video here.

Q. I'm an IT manager, where do I find details about the counters connection?

A. From the device menu, click on "ADVANCED”, then "CONNECTIVITY”. From here you can view the last SSID the device was connected to, the device IP, DNS, and Gateway. You can also see the last time the device connected to the local network, and to the internet. This information can be useful when debugging connectivity problems on your network.

Q. I can't get my device to connect to our WiFi network. It keeps saying "Password Incorrect".

A. Currently, TallyFi only supports WPA2 secured networks without a separate login page. Ask your IT person to make sure your router is compliant, and that you have the correct password. Feel free to contact support@tallyfi.com if you have any additional questions.

Online Dashboard

Q. How is a day defined?

A. We define a 24-hr period as 8am-7:59am rather than 12am-11:59pm, so that any data captured after midnight counts towards the previous day. For example if you open friday at 9pm, the people you count in at 1am (which is technically saturday morning) count towards the friday total.

Q. Why are some areas of my chart shaded?

A. One or more of your devices have been out of contact with TallyFi server. This can be happen in normal operation when the device goes to sleep during long periods of inactivity. Shaded areas indicate that TallyFi is unsure if there have been additional ins-and-outs within a given time period. If this occurs during active usage check your internet connection, or install a WiFi repeater near the location where your devices are in use.

Q. What are the numbers in the weekly email report?

A. The weekly report shows you how well your business did last week compared to the average for the prior three weeks. This is an excellent way to easily determine in which direction your business is trending.

Q. What is "Turnover Ratio"?

A. Turnover ratio is the total throughput divided by the total capacity of your venue. It provides a measure of how quickly new guests are moving through your venue. For example, If you're a venue that charges cover, you may want to increase your turnover ratio to bring in new customers and increase revenue.

Q. What is "over-capacity" mode?

A. For privacy, if "over-capacity mode" is enabled on a venue, counting devices won't show counts above the set capacity on their screen. If security staff exceed capacity, the true count will flash temporarily in red, then revert back to the venue's set capacity in white with a red asterisk next to the count to indicate over-capacity status. The online dashboard will always display the actual number of people in the venue.

Q. Do you have an App for iOS or Android?

A. TallyFi's online dashboard has been designed to provide a great user experience on any type of device on any web browser. If you'd prefer the simplicity of adding a shortcut icon, you can find instructions on our blog for iOS and Android.

Q. How do you define "Throughput"?

A. Throughput is the total number of guests that entered your venue. In contrast, your "count" is the number of guests currently in your venue.

Q. Can I see the "Ratio" as numbers, rather than a percentage?

A. Yes, on the dashboard and calendar clicking on the count display widget will cycle between modes.

Counter Features and Functionality

Q. How do I reset the count back to zero?

A. You can either hold the down buttons to initiate an accelerated count back to zero, or through the device menu click on "ZERO COUNT".

Q. Will I lose my settings or data if I turn off or reboot my TallyFi counter?

A. No, your settings and count data will not be lost if you shutdown or reboot a counter. Of course, if the device is shutdown and data is pending upload it will not be uploaded until the device is restarted.

Q. My TallyFi counter isn't working properly, what do I do?

A. If your TallyFi counter appears to be be working incorrectly, we recommend first trying to reboot the device. On older TF-1 devices a reboot can be performed by holding the "menu" key for 20 seconds, releasing for one second, then pressing the "menu" key a second time. On newer TF-2 devices, there is a small reset switch on the back of the device next to the blinkbit.io sensor. Push the switch using a pen or paperclip to reboot the device. The counter should emit a long vibration pulse when reboot correctly. If you're still experiencing problems, contact support@tallyfi.com. Take a look at our manual for more suggestions.

Q. What kind of battery life can I expect?

A. Under worst-case conditions, with multiple button presses every second and a distant wifi router, the device has about 8 hours of battery life. With that being said, more typical use with a nearby wifi access point and more sporadic use will have extended longevity. To avoid interruptions during usage, we recommend charging the devices every night. Charging the device takes approximately 1-2 hours and battery life can be monitored both on the device, and the online dashboard. In a pinch, the device can be used while charging from a usb powerbank.

Q. What type of charger is included?

A. We supply both North American (NEMA 1), and European (CEE 7), UK (BS 1363), and Australasian (AS/NZS 3112) chargers based on the region of sale. For other locations, we recommend charging via a computer with the supplied micro-usb cable.

Q. How do I turn off or reboot my TallyFi counter?

A. We don't recommend turning off TallyFi counters between usage during normal operation. The counters automatically enter "sleep mode" and should last for several months in this state. If you do wish to turn off the device, the "menu" key can be held until the onscreen shutdown counter reaches zero. If no countdown appears, holding the "menu" key for 20 seconds will force a shutdown. The device can be started again by pressing the "menu" key.

Q. How do I clear all the settings and data on my TallyFi counter?

A. From the counter's menu, click on "ADVANCED", followed by "FACTORY RESET", then select "YES" when prompted with "Erase all device data, including all saved WiFi settings?". The counter will shutdown when complete.

Q. Are TallyFi counters waterproof?

A. TF-2 devices are build to be durable, and our tests indicate they can handle operation in wet conditions. We don't recommend using the devices submerged. Older TF-1 models are not waterproof.

Q. What kind of batteries do the counters use?

A. TallyFi counters use a non-replaceable lithium ion battery, similar to that of a cell phone. They can be charged with any micro-usb connector attached to computer, or wall charger. Every TallyFi counter includes a wall charger, and micro-usb cable.

Q. I've seen different coloured TallyFi counters, what colour will I get?

A. Every TallyFi counter comes with 3 interchangeable coloured lanyards - purple, orange, and black. The purpose of the lanyards is to easily identify multiple counters when used at different locations, such as the back door device and the front door device.

Custom Device Modes

Q. Can I use a counter between two rooms and still know if either room is at capacity?

A. Yes, you can use a device setting to connect the device to two different areas at the same time. The device will display the counts for each of the two areas and allow you to count people back and forth over the threshold between them.

Q. What is "re-entry" mode?

A. Some venues allow patrons to come and go at any time. Each subsequent entrance count towards your daily throughput, which means that if you were selling tickets, the number of tickets sold would no longer match your recorded throughput. Putting a device in 're-entry mode' allows you get around this issue - any entrances entered on a device in re-entry mode will not be counted toward the nightly throughput.

Q. What is "read-only" mode?

A. Rather than use a cell phone or tablet logged into the TallyFi dashboard, some supervising staff prefer to keep a regular counter on their person throughout their workday to keep an eye on the current live total. "Read-only" mode allows them to do so without fear of accidental button presses. Any input data will not change the global total. You may temporarily see the counts appear on the device, but once the device synchronizes with the server you'll see that those counts have actually been ignored. The exception is the 'reset count' function that is accessible via the menu - this continues to work from a read-only device, so the supervising staff can easily start and each day with a return to zero.

Q. What is "venue total" mode?

A. With certain complex setups, it makes sense to have the counters display only the venue total (the combination of all areas that add to the venue capacity - these areas are displayed in the settings pane without parenthesis). For most installations where you need to keep track of the combined total for multiple areas, you'd be better served using "venue and area total" mode because it is much easier for the door staff to verify their numbers by looking into the room they are monitoring. In this mode a reset from any of these devices will automatically reset all connected areas, not just the single area the device is paired to. You cannot set this mode for non-venue/separate areas (these areas have their capacity displayed in parenthesis on the settings page).

Q. What is "venue and area total" mode?

A. TallyFi supports complex venue setups. Usually each entrance and exit counter is only concerned with the capacity of nearest room/area, and that is what the device displays by default. If your venue is configured to have multiple areas, it can be useful to see the combined total of all connected areas (these are all the areas displayed in on the settings page without parenthesis around the count) alongside the local total for area that the device is paired to. "Venue and area total" mode shows the venue's total count and the area's total count at the same time. When the count is zeroed from the device, only the single paired area's count is zeroed, not the global count for all connected areas.

Q. What is "device count" mode?

A. In some applications you want to know exactly how many people entered via a particular entry. Typically, you can access that information from our online dashboard, but in some circumstances it would help to have that information displayed on the device. When in this mode, the device will show your current area count and the total count through that particular device since the last reset ("zero count" via device menu).

Q. What is "unsynced" mode?

A. When WiFi access is not reliable you can get into trouble. Unsynced mode makes it very clear how much data has yet to be synchronized with the central server. The on-screen display shows the last synchronized area count and the total number of in/out counts that have yet to be uploaded. When that count is zero, everything is fine - all the data has been synchronized with the server. If that count grows, say if WiFi has been interrupted, the counter operators can then be aware of how much their local count has changed and your team can fall back to alternate forms of communication (usually radios) to make sure you don't exceed your legal capacity.

Plans and Subscriptions

Q. If I cancel my subscription, will I lose access to all my data?

A. You can access your account and data at any time regardless of the status of your account. An active subscription allows you to record and log new data. Any data logged during an active subscription period will remain online and available forever.

Q. How far back will my data be saved?

A. Forever. There is no limit on the number days you can log.

Q. Do you ship to my country?

A. TallyFi ships worldwide. The only exception is if you live in an embargoed country - we might not be able to help you. If you are unsure, get in contact with us by emailing support or leaving feedback and we can help clarify your particular case.

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