Keep track without touching a spreadsheet

You know you need to run your business by-the-numbers.
TallyFi does the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

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Take the first step in running your bar by the numbers.

Our focus is on giving you the numbers that matter without making you work for them. We start by upgrading your door counters with our custom built hardware, designed to withstand the even toughest nights.

TallyFi counters at each entrance and exit

Our system crunches the numbers and highlights the data the really matters, like Average Length of Stay and Turnover Rate. Easily integrate your sales data and now you know exactly what your customers are spending, with Sales-Per-Guest, and even Sales-Per-Guest-Per-Hour.

Detailed Day Review - Review vital stats to keep your club healthy

We collect all that information in one place. No messing around with spreadsheets and log books. Review your performance for the week, month, or the entire year and always know exactly where you’re heading.

Monthly Overview - Identify Trends

If you’re just looking at sales or revenue, and you’re not doing guest counts, you really do not have an accurate picture of market share or whether your business is growing. Always manage by guest counts and sales per guest. It’s the only way you can accurately gauge sales and revenue.

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Managing based on sales-per-guest is the best way to gauge the health of your business.